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    Hitech Publicity

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    RTC X Roads
    Hyderabad - 500020
    +91 9246372692
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      D no. 1-1-101/A/18, 2nd Floor,
      RTC X Roads,
      Hyderabad - 500020
      40 66776667

      Business timings

      • Sunday9:30AM - 8:30PMClosed
      • Monday9:30AM - 8:30PMClosed
      • Tuesday9:30AM - 8:30PMClosed
      • Wednesday9:30AM - 8:30PMClosed
      • Thursday9:30AM - 8:30PMClosed
      • Friday9:30AM - 8:30PMClosed
      • Saturday9:30AM - 8:30PMClosed

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      • Digital Marketing Services

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        hp gas
        28/10/2019, 13:20

        good produts,with less price such an amazing tents thanks to hitech publicity.

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        28/10/2019, 13:07

        Best quality tents, Easy to assemble. Waterproof and can withstand rains sufficiently. Attractive Camouflage Design,Super Lightweight. thanks to hitech publicity.

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        28/10/2019, 13:02

        This is a fabulous tent. I love that I can have just one or all walls depending on the weather and where my booth is placed in a show.good quality tents. thank you srinivas garu...

      • 0
        28/10/2019, 12:03

        Worked great. Did an outdoor vendor event with the sides on, the wind kicked up. We has our weight bags secured and placed on the legs. Long story short, our set-up was one of the few that didn't suffer from the wind. easy to open.

      • 0
        bharat gas
        28/10/2019, 11:53

        Amazing tent! The quality is just impeccable.It's very stable,easy to assemble.It's heavy, so two people would be much more comfortable lifting it to the car but I was alone and managed to do it. I'm very happy with this one and hope it lasts a long time and bring me some profits when I go sell my crochet and knitted stuff. thanks to hitech publicity...

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        View Reviews 0 reviews
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